Well, it’s time for a new job. “What?!?!” you ask. “Didn’t you just get a new job a few months ago?”

Indeed I did. This last August I ended my time with Pippin and moved to Modern Tribe. For a variety of reasons it didn’t work out. No-one’s upset, I still love and respect them, they still like me, it just wasn’t what either of us expected.

So, on to the future.

The plan at this point is to merge my experience as a freelancer with Tanner Moushey’s company and his experience as a freelancer and form a new WordPress agency. We’re doing a short trial period first, just to make sure this is really what we want, but by summer we should have a new company brand etc.

The General Plan

Our goal is freedom, both for ourselves and the people who work for us. This means not being married to the job, or making the job super complicated. We’d like to stay small and flexible, and do relatively small projects. We’re not looking to be a VIP agency or anything.

How You Can Help

If you need any web dev help, let me know. Tell your friends etc. I’m back to taking contracts. This time we’re a team though, which makes for a lot more depth, stability, and security.

This feels so so good, the best I’ve felt about a job since the first time I went 100% freelance.

Thank you for your support.

10 thoughts on “A Grand Experiment

  1. Hey! Let’s chat. I’m 100% freelance and I have a client that will be in need of a new website this summer. It will require both design and code, though. Will your new crew do both?

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