I’m happy to announce that today is my last day at Sandhills Development (working on Easy Digital Downloads with Pippin), and that Monday will be my first day at Modern Tribe. In this post I hope to answer a few common questions.  🙂

Why? Didn’t you just get a new job?

I’ve been with Pippin for just over a year. I joined his team to be doing things other than development, things like documentation, community involvement etc. At the time I was coming off the high of promoting HeroPress and having a wonderful time Not Developing.

As it turns out, developing is what really excites me in my career. I simply never fell in love with writing docs the way I thought I would.

I’d like to be clear that Pippin is a wonderful boss and his company is a spectacular place to work. We’re parting on very good terms.

What will you be doing at Modern Tribe?

I applied for the job of Lead Developer. I’m not going to drop into that position immediately, that would be foolish until I know the culture and processes better. I’ll be doing whatever they tell me to do. 🙂 Developer is my primary purpose for being there though.

Still going to do HeroPress?

Yep, I do that in my spare time, and Modern Tribe doesn’t have a problem with that. Personally, many of the folks there are big fans of HeroPress.

Additionally, some exciting things are happening around the idea of expanding HeroPress a bit, more on that later.


5 thoughts on “A new job at Modern Tribe

  1. Hey Toph,

    This is the first time seeing your new theme, and it’s sweeeet!
    Congrats on the new job, and I hope you have an awesome experience with them!

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