This last weekend the whole family plus Cate’s grandma flew down to Texas.  Grandma’s going to stay a few weeks, and we were her escort.  Originally only Cate and Sophi were going to go with her, but then we decided Em and I could go as well.  This meant we ended up on different flights some of the time though, which was interesting.

Their place is on the outskirts of a very small town, so it was nice to sleep at night with the windows open and listen to the crickets etc.

It rained sporadically the entire time we were down there.  That’s not to say we had gloomy days; rather they were nice sunny days and every 6 or 8 hours there would be a crazy thunderstorm.  One evening we had big hail:

Here are some other pictures:

We had a great time travelling with the kids.  It was a little stressful because of the way flights were arranged, but everything worked out great.

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