It was one year ago on 21 November that my boss emailed me and told me it was time to do something different.  “I want you to do something special for WordPress” he said.  I knew right then that life would never be the same, and I was right.

I didn’t know it for a couple months, but that’s where HeroPress was really started.  In the last year I’ve had some amazing experiences, some hard times, and felt wonderful support from my family, friends, and people I’d never met before.

I’ve been to India and met literally hundreds of new people, many of whom are now dear friends.

I’ve failed and I’ve succeeded.

I have a completely new job doing something I really enjoy, but has nothing to do with anything I was doing at the start of the year.

Now I’m winding up 2015 with a sense of peace and accomplishment.  I’m proud of HeroPress and happy with where it’s going.

A giant thank you to everyone who’s been involved: my family, Dave Rosen, everyone at Pressnomics last year, everyone who commented on WPTavern about HeroPress, and everyone who’s contributed an essay.  Relatively speaking, HeroPress is made up far more of all of you than it is of me.

Thank you.

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