It’s not uncommon for snow to come around this time of year in Michigan. Usually though, we get a few flakes, and then a week later a few more, and usually we have a few inches by Christmas.

We got 12 at my house yesterday. That’s a whole heap in one day, any time of year. Last night I went out to get dinner, and I was very very glad to have 4 wheel drive.

The girls are ecsatic of course. Molly’s birthday is in Dec, but she doesn’t have a real concept of dates yet, so we tell her her birthday comes after the snow. Here we are.

Snow is really fun. It’s fun to drive in, walk in, play in, and look at. My sincerest condolances go out to those who’ve recently moved away to less pleasent climes.

One thought on “And so it snowed.

  1. Yep had to go buy our first shovel last night at Meijer. Your house isn’t less than five minutes away any more…not until after the snow melts a little at least.

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