WordPress is killer blog software.  It’s powerful, fast, well developed, etc.  The catch is, you have to download the software and put it on your own site.  If you don’t have you own site, you’re out of luck.

Enter  It’s the same theory as, except it uses WordPress, which is killer.  For those in the know, this is a full blown install, with all the perks.  You can upload images to it etc.

I highly recommend moving to

4 thoughts on “Attention Blogger Users

  1. Why is WordPress.come better than Bloggger?

    I use WordPress so I can have full control (no, really, I’m not a control freak), don’t have to worry about trusting my blog to a third party (albeit google (do no evil(nested parens are allowed in programming, are they allowed in the English language?))) is pretty stable, and so I can have my own domain name (which i think blogger offers.)

  2. WP does a far better job on catching blog spammers also. :-) The latest WP2 with Akamai has cut my hundreds a day to nothing and allowed me to loosen up restrictions on comments. Good stuff!

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