Molly’s reading abilities exploded this summer.  Last spring she could read one or two words very slowly, and then she’d ask to quit because it was so hard.  Now she reads everything she sees, and generally comments on it.  She likes to read books to Sophi, and Sophi likes to be read to.  The other day Molly came down from upstairs and said she thought Sophi was asleep.  That’s really odd, so my wife went up and sure enough, she was asleep  on the couch up there.  It turns out Molly was reading to Sophi and Sophi fell asleep leaning on Molly.  VERY cute.

The girls got Stuart Little and Trumpet Of The Swan from Blockbuster, and I mentioned that we had the books.  Molly was interested, so the other day I pulled them out, and Molly picked up Stuart Little and just started in.

Yesterday we went to IKEA and the girls got to bring one toy for the car.  Molly picked Stuart, and read most of the trip.  I asked her if she was enjoying it, and she said "Yes, I love reading!".

I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.  I feel like reading comprehension is one of my most valuable skills.  Whatever else I may be good at, I’m better for being able to read about it easily.  I can’t think of a skill I’d rather she learn right now.

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