This morning we were cruising along I-96 headed to target listening to Bill Cosby. It was the one about his hernia, which is far funnier than it might seem. I was laughing along with everyone else.

When I woke up the car was stopped. I looked at Cate and she was looking at me. She said “You passed out!” I wondered how on earth I’d managed to park the car while unconscious and went to get out and the door wouldn’t open. I looked to see what was stopping it, and realized I could see outside through the hinges.

I then looked around and realized we were in a median. I asked Cate where we were and how we got there. She said “You started drifting and I looked over and you were all red and I asked if you were going to pass out. Then you drove off the road!”

There was a guy standing outside her door and he asked if we were ok, so we did a quick inventory and everyone was fine. A few minutes later an MDOT truck pulled up and called the cops for us. A few minutes after that the fence repair guys showed up. Then a state cop. Then 2 ladder trucks. All while I was trying to talk to AAA.

I got out and looked around a little bit. The two front wheels got ripped off about 100 feet before we actually stopped. We were headed straight into oncoming traffic at full speed when we hit those new guard wires, and they turned us away. Who knows how many people would have died if not for them.

Everyone we dealt with was great. I didn’t get a ticket, I didn’t get my license taken away for passing out, the tow guys grabbed all the detritus and cleaned it up, and knew just what to do with my car, etc.

Our feelings at this point are very conflicting. We’re tremendously grateful to God for protecting everyone, including the people we could have hit. On the other hand, we really loved our car Sherman. Losing him is like losing a pet. Yes, it’s “just a car”, but it was our special gift from God, the car I put a Christmas bow on for my wife.

Add to that the plain stress of going through something like that and there’s been a fair amount of tears today.

We had full coverage, so it’ll either get fixed or we’ll get a check for what it was worth. The chances of it being worth as much as we owe on it are mighty slim if you ask me. That’s the way it goes. People have offered to let us borrow cars until that gets worked out, but we don’t want to risk other people’s cars any more than we have to.

I feel confident that God will bring us just the right car again, but it’s really hard to imagine at this point that it could be as perfect as Sherman was. We shall see.

UPDATE 15 Nov 2014

A few months after the crash my neighbor said “I went on a date with this guy, and he works for the state.  He travels around to crash sites that involve those new wire boundaries and takes pictures to see how effective they were.  He showed me some, and I think I saw your crash!”

We asked her if she could get us copies, and sure enough, it was our crash site.  So here we have some good pictures.

18 thoughts on “Bill Cosby wrecked my car

  1. Oh my! Yeah… maybe you should get a check-up. Can’t hurt. What a crazy day for you guys! Hope you can still enjoy the weekend. Merry Christmas all!

  2. Wow. I will no longer mutter under my breath at that stretch (and its cost and time and damage, etc.) between Grandma’s and Grammy’s houses (Grandville to Spring Lake) where that monstrosity of a system lies. Glad you all are alive and able to celebrate the Reason.

  3. What a story, like worst nightmare kind of stuff. Praise God for your protection. I can’t imagine you’ve had time to deal with what caused the black out yet so I’ll not join the inquiry on that just yet, but there would seem to be more of this story to yet be told.

  4. i am SO glad you guys are ok…please get yourself checked out. the passing out thing is not normal…

    let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

  5. Whoa, what they all said — I’m VERY glad you’re all OK. But really, find out what happened. That’s some scary stuff.

  6. You reaffirm my belief in Guardian Angels! I know what you mean about certain vehicles, and bonding with them. That’s the sad part; but you’re all OK – this is amazing. Whew! Thank God. 🙂

  7. Merry Christmas. Doctor is open on Monday. Volvo’s can be replaces.

    P.S. Now that I read your linked post: FIL? MAFS? Sheesh…

  8. Wow. Praising God that you are all okay. The car can be replaced. When you are able please see a dr. Let us know how we can continue praying for you.

  9. Praise God that you’re OK! When I consider all the details concerning what God did for you, I stand amazed!
    PS Don’t forget to see the doc~

  10. oh wow. I’m just getting back into my blogging scene and ked just told me about your accident. I’m so sorry about the car and everything and we’re all so grateful you are all ok. Praying you see God’s hand continue to provide. let us know if you need anything!

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