So, today I saw something cool on TV, and started telling Alan about it. By the time I got to the end, I realized it was an excellent blog post. I’ve noticed that in other situations as well. I’ll start to tell someone about something cool, and realize that I’ve been talking a long time. I should just post it, make business cards with the URL of the post on it, and hand them out at parties and stuff. I’d never have to tell anyone anything again.

Or not.

So, the story I was telling Alan; I’ll post it as I did in my IM, so it retains the flavor. Only minor edits.

topher1kenobe: there’s a guy (Milton Rogovin) who lives in buffalo
topher1kenobe: in the 50’s he was a vocal communist, so his small neighborhood (inner city-ish) blacklisted him
topher1kenobe: he lost his business and stuff
topher1kenobe: so he bought a camera and started taking pictures.
topher1kenobe: he’s been taking pictures of the same people in he same 6 block neighborhood for 40 years
topher1kenobe: they’re all black and white, excellent quality
topher1kenobe: it’s people working, playing, and just living
topher1kenobe: but since it’s the same neighborhood, he’s got a lot of the same people, growing up, having their own kids, etc.
topher1kenobe: thousands and thousands of them.
topher1kenobe: they’re going on display in new york this week, he’s 93 today
topher1kenobe: the pictures are posted permanently all over his town.
topher1kenobe: 10 feet tall lining the walls of the subway etc
topher1kenobe: there was a guy saying he was so proud that his son and grand kids would be able to see his picture (he was a coal miner), and know that he didn’t just disappear into history

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