I read a lot. It doesn’t seem like a lot to me, but other people tell me it’s a lot. My first real book was in the third grade, The Secret of Terror Castle, a Three Investigators book, sponsored by Alfred Hitchcock. What a great series. I haven’t really stopped since. It’s almost obsessive compulsive; I read everything. I read labels on food, fine print on movie posters, software lisences, everything.

I feel decidedly out of sorts when I’m not embroiled in a book. Like I’ve left something somewhere, and I don’t know what or where I left it, it preys on my mind. This results in moving through books quite quickly, and not having much time to review one before I’ve read one or two or four more. A couple weeks ago I decided to make a side box for “what I’m reading” and then review every book I read. I’ve read 6 books since then. I read Operation Time Search by Andre Norton, Sackett’s Land and Warrior’s Path by Lous L’Amour, I, Robot, Caves of Steel, and The Naked Sun by Isaac Asimov. I finished the last last night and I’m through chapter one of The Robots of Dawn.

I don’t take the time to write reviews before starting a new book, and then I just want to read. I’ll probably review the entire robot series at once. I intended to read all of L’Amour’s Sackett novels in a row, but since I’ve read them all several times each already, it won’t be hard to review the ones I’ve read recently and move on.

I probably won’t review Operation Time Search any more than this here and now: practically no character development whatsoever, practically no science whatsoever, but interesting for its perspective of long term history of mankind, allowing for civilizations as large as our current one to have existed so long ago that there is truly no record of them whatsoever.

All that to say, I plan on doing it, so you should see a lot mroe reviews soon, but we’ll have to see how soon I can pull it off.

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