I’ve always been fascinated by Celtic knots. Back when I was in college I spent some time really studying them and figuring out how they work. Of course then I had to make some. Below are some that I made.

Circle knot with squares on either side

This was my first. I started with the box on the left, and then wanted to try a circle. Once the circle was done I knew I needed to balance it on the other side.

You can see what I did with it here.

Circle embedded in a knot, embedded in another knot

This was my second, I was experimenting with embedded knots.

First knot, but embedded in a frame

In this one I experimented with spacing. Real knots are freeform, without the need for the graph paper, but still somehow maintain good distances from borders. I wish I were that good an artist.

Knot doodle
Knot doodle

These are some I doodled during class or chapel, I don’t remember which. The one on the right was an attempt to be more complex.

Simple cross

This was my first attempt at making a picture of something with a knot inside. I really liked it, and messed with it quite a bit in Photoshop (2.0!) so I have a bunch of versions with different colors etc.

Complex cross

A repeat of the cross idea, but making a picture of the knots themselves, rather than decorating an object. this is my favorite knot of all I’ve done.

After college I got distracted by a pretty girl (whom I eventually married), got a job, and quit drawing. Maybe someday I’ll get back to it.

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  1. See, you are an artist at heart! And you suggested you were only a coder over all these years… 😉

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