I noticed the other day that SBC/Yahoo have reduced the price of their basic DSL to $20/mo. Gone are the days when dial-up can cost $20/mo in modern areas. This is going to help companies like netzero and Juno etc, but hurt places like Iserv.

It also means that anyone who’s paying $20/mo for dial-up in areas that can be handled by SBC should seriously look into it. it would hurt me to go back to something that slow, but if all you know is dial-up, what a difference it will make.

4 thoughts on “Cheap DSL

  1. I can vouch for Topher…he got me hooked on wireless, and now I can’t imagine what it would be like to be stuck at my desk doing internet!!

  2. The last time they dropped rates I didn’t get the new rate immediately, but I did eventually.

    Basically, when you sign up for dsl, you commit to staying with it for a year. You get the new rate when you commit to the next year. Still, I’m tempted to call and ask them whether I can get it now. You never know till you ask.

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