As previously mentioned, on the 23rd we went to IKEA with my folks. They spent the night at our house that night, and on the 24th they went home. Several hours after that, we headed to their house. They had made it to our house in 4 hours, which is VERY quick. We were going on worse roads with worse tires in a lighter car, so I anticipated it taking a while.

When I went out to put stuff in the car, I noticed that one tire was VERY low. The rim was almost touching the ground. I quickly tried to call my brother-in-law, who works at Belle Tire, but he didn’t answer. I called Belle Tire and they had closed 2 minutes before I called.

I hand pumped it until I felt like I could drive on it, and we went to the gas station. It’s supposed to have about 40 lbs of pressure, and when I got to gas station it had 15. I have no idea what it had before I hand pumped it. I boosted it to 33, and we left.

It’s still full of air.

So we got to my folks ok, and spent the night. On the 25th, my Grandpa and Aunt came, and my sisters and their husbands were there and my niece. We opened presents before lunch and a good time was had by all. The kids got presents outright, but the adults did a “draw a number and pick a present” sort of thing, with some swapping afterwards. I got a nice meat-cheese-crackers dealie, and my wife got some slippers with electric massaging widgets in the soles.

My folks came into a bit of money near the end of the year, so they cheated and got everyone some extra stuff. I got a sweater and lined-hooded-flannel shirt. My wife got a cool coffee pot that stores the made coffee inside, with a little dispenser on the front, and she can just get one cup of coffee out of it at a time. Quite cool.

After that we had a big ol’ Honey Baked Ham for lunch (there was some other stuff too, but does that really matter with a Honey Baked in the middle of the table?).

Not too long after lunch we left for my in-laws. We’d planned on not doing that until the next day, but we thought they’d enjoy seeing us on Christmas. My father-in-law went to Texas selling Christmas trees for most of November and December, and just got back on the 22nd. For that reason, we’re not doing Christmas with them until New Years weekend, but what Grandparent doesn’t want to see their angels on Christmas?

The roads were sucky, it was dark and snowy, but as a family we all sang Christmas carols and pressed on. My girls sing in the same key as The Chipmunks, which is really cute when singing along with The Chipmunks. We made it in fine shape, and Grandma was surprised (we’d told Grandpa to make sure they’d be there).

So on the 26th we came home, and had Christmas here. Among other things, the girls got a princess castle and liked it muchly.

I got Crash Bandicoot for the Gamecube, and The Return Of The King boxed set, as well as some previously blogged cd’s. My wife got The Dukes Of Hazzard first season DVD set. That’s been a lot of fun. She also got some chocolate and cosmopolitan makings.

So next weekend we have more Christmas, which will be fun. I like going there.

Hope yours was well also.

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