I’ve recently found need to keep track of what time it is in a variety of locations around the world. I suspect at some point I’ll just know, I’m already getting the hang of it, but this is handy for now.

I built it with Conky, here’s the config:

${color D3DADF}${font Helvetica:size=44}Portland: ${tztime America/Los_Angeles %a %-d %b %l:%M %p}
Grand Rapids: ${time %a %-d %b} ${time %l:%M %p}
Warsaw: ${tztime Europe/Warsaw %a %-d %b %l:%M %p}
Jakarta: ${tztime Asia/Jakarta %a %-d %b %l:%M %p}
Melbourne: ${tztime Australia/Melbourne %a %-d %b %l:%M %p}

And you can see a screenshot here.

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