I’ve long thought that digital picture frames were pretty cool.  Being able to change the picture, or do a slideshow is slick.  But most of the ones I’ve seen didn’t have the features I wanted.  The eStarling appears to have come pretty close.

It’s wifi enabled, so I can control the pictures from my laptop.  It’ll read rss feeds from Flickr, so it can display picture galleries I already have in place.  And it can have its own email address, so I can email pics from my phone to my frame.

That’s just cool.  Too bad I don’t have a spare $250.

2 thoughts on “Cool digital picture frame.

  1. You say you’ve never seen one with all the features you want. I’ve never seen one that’s anywhere close to a logical price for a picture frame.

  2. I bought a simple 5″x7″ digital photoframe for my mom a few years back. Not the best thing ever, but it works well enough, and she enjoys having it around 🙂

    But with laptop computers and portable media players becoming more prevalent, this type of item is not as needed as it once was….

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