We haven’t had any credit cards in several years now, but a company called Card Holder Services (with whom we previously had an account) has been calling for aboiut a year now, telling us we can lower our rates.

It’s a robo call, so we’ve just been hanging up. Today I got tired of it, and listened to the end for the “press something to end this madness”. It said “Press 9 now to speak with someone about lowering your interest rates”.

I pressed 9 and immediately a guy came on and said “Did you press 9 to lower your interest rate?”

I said “Actually we closed our account years ago and would prefer not to be contacted again”.

I expected a hard sell, but he simply said in a rushed voice “All right enjoy your high rates goodbye” and hung up.

I appreciate the lack of a hard sell, but I think it’s pretty crazy for them to be deliberately snarky like that.

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  1. I don’t think we had an account with them, but I think they’ve been calling us with the same pitch.

    When I clicked to speak to someone, I asked them to stop calling me (and that I was on the Do Not Call List) and the person said that they couldn’t. They had a business relationship with me.

    They couldn’t tell me what though.

    Legally speaking, I’m pretty sure they have to stop calling you if you ask them to.

    Eventually I hung up out of frustration. The person on the other end didn’t sound very happy with me either.

    And do you know what, I got another call from them about two hours later. I didn’t pick up that time, but I can’t help but suspect she scheduled another call deliberately.

    No way to prove it though.

  2. We had an account through Cardmember Services — maybe a related company/name? They too are snarky. We’ve been issued a reprieve from them (but for how long?) on the robo-calls and such after getting rid of a card, and now having moved and changed phone #s…

    I think I had to be obstinate and not get off the phone until they could verify that we would no longer be getting their calls — the response was that it would take “at least a month to clear our systems, so in that time you could receive more calls.” And, indeed — we did… but thankfully did stop.

    Now, we’re about to cut up the card we got as a replacement for that one — one more down!

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