Created by Ryan Bliss of Digital Blasphemy

Ryan Bliss is the man behind Digital Blasphemy.  He makes his living creating desktop wallpapers for computers, and has done so successfully for a long time now.  I added up the other day, and I think I’ve been using his wallpapers for 18 years now.

In all the time I’ve “known” him, Ryan’s been relatively transparent about his business, life, and family.  Everyone knows he’s a solo entrepreneur who depends on the support of his customers, who are also his fans.  He’s never been shady, untrustworthy, or tried to take advantage of his customers.

Occasionally in the time I’ve been a fan he’s needed a new computer, saved up for it, and bought it.  Wallpapers come out faster and everyone is happy.  He announced some weeks ago that it’s that time again.  Wallpapers are getting more intense, and it takes days or even weeks to render the high res images.

On twitter I urged him to crowdsource his new computer, not because I thought he couldn’t afford it (though he did say he needed some more subscribers before he could buy), but because I wanted the opportunity to be part of a community that gave back to him.

Ryan’s always had some free wallpapers on his site, and he’s spoken at a number of events; it feels like he gives to the community.  I’m happy and excited to give back, and I hope the rest of his fanbase feels the same way.

If you’re a fan, please consider contributing to his campaign.  Not because he needs it, but because he’s awesome, and we want to show him some love.

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