Last summer I got an email from my ISP (Speakeasy) that my connection speed would double at no cost. They also mentioned that they would be rolling this out at different time in different places, and I should NOT ask about it.

Last night I got an email saying my turn would be next March. Kind of disappointing that it would be so long, but what do I want for nothing, my money back?

One thing that puzzled me about their email was this sentence:

We will upgrade your service from 608/128 to no upgrade – all the same great services complemented by an increased speed for the same base monthly fee you pay now! (Emphasis mine).

I thought it was odd, but they mentioned that they would be telling me more soon.

Today I got one that basically said “Oops, sorry to get your hopes up but due to technical and/or distance limitations unique to your service location my speed will never be increased.

I quickly called the hotline they set up for this upgrade. I got dumped right to voice mail.

Updates forthcoming.

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