Ever heard of the term E85 when referring to cars?  It means that a car with that rating can run on fuel that is 85% Ethanol, and 15% gasoline.  Several years ago, the US Government stated that by 2012, all US cars would have to have this rating, and so most US car manufacturers started working on it.  What cars have it?

What Asian-made cars currently have it?


That’s right ladies and gentlemen, nary a one.  Asian car companies are currently way ahead of US car companies for a variety of reasons, but many analysts are saying that with a significant push in E85 fuel pumps to push fuel prices down, people will be wild about American cars again.

It won’t be a long term salvation, since it only takes about 3 years to develop a new engine or car, and you can bet your sweet bippy they’ll be all over the trend, but this could be the beginning of an exciting change in energy usage in the US.

For more info on E85, check out the great Wikipedia article on it.

4 thoughts on “E85 Cars

  1. Ethanol is not where the trend is…

    It’s all about biodiesel. Cool it at home (like my neighbor) and drive your car down the road with the sweet smell of french fries coming out the back. B20, B80, and B100 (if you live where it’s warm enough)

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