Yesterday, Sophi looked intently at my wife’s ears, and said "Momma, why are there holes in your ears?"  My wife said "Those are for earrings."  To which Sophi responded "I want earrings too!"

As with the whims of many a three year old, we thought perhaps this one would pass.  We explained to her that getting your ears pierced hurts, and asked her if she was really sure.  She said she was, so we let it slide for a little while, and then we asked again.  She most emphatically wanted her ears pierced.

So when we went to the Rivertown mall we started looking around.  Most places charged more than we wanted (piercing is almost always free, provided you pay for earrings), but we found that Libby Lu has a great deal.  It’s a little corner in Younkers that I’ve blogged about before.

They provided the set of earring we wanted, plus a bottle of ear cleaner, some documentation, and a coupon for 3 pair of free "sensitive ear" earrings good 6 weeks from now for $22.  It had the added bonus of being in Libby Lu, which is the most profoundly "little girl" place I have ever experienced.

We filled out the paperwork, and sophi hopped up into the chair.  The Lady filled out a certificate for remembering the experience, and Sophi said she was "excited" before getting them.

Another lady came over to help, and they did both ears at the same time, which seems very wise to me.  Sophi flinched briefly when they did The Deed, but then smilled immediately.  I was pretty surprised, I thought she’d cry, even though she wanted it done.  But there was never anything but smiles.  They asked her how she felt after getting them, and she said "beautiful!".

Through the rest of the evening she stopped at every mirror to peek at them, and still oves them like crazy.  Molly didn’t want to have anything to do with getting things poked through her ears.  The Nice Ladies gave her some super sparkly lip gloss though.  It made her look like she’d stuck her lips in some pink margarita sugar, but she LOVED it.  She kept trying to get me down where she could kiss me, because she loves making kiss lips on Daddy.

When our girls were born, we discussed having their ears pierced then, and I held out for making it a special time for them when they were older.  I was thinking it wouldn’t happen until they were 10-13 or so, but this was about as perfect as I could have hoped.

4 thoughts on “Earrings

  1. Yes Sophi is the “brave one”. Obviously she didn’t know that “Doctor Granny Kathy” is the local out in the “hills” ear piercer. I do think this is better than laying them out on the kitchen table with an ice cube and a needle and thread. I am very proud of her.

  2. how awesome is that!!!! i got my ears pierced only so people could tell i was a girl…after my mom botched a dorothy hamill haircut. 🙂

    way to go sophi!

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