Everyone knows what ecards are, right?  Digital pictures with a personal message, sent to a friend.

We used to have them at, but the script we use was abused, so we took them down.  I gave some thought to make a package myself, but didn’t think it was worth the time.

Alan, of Agathon Group fame, put together a very nice package for us, and I hacked it a bit to make it fit into our site better, and now we have them back.

Jenelle put in many MANY hours of work making the actual cards, and that’s really what makes the whole thing shine.

So check out the WCSG Ecards page.

5 thoughts on “Ecards

  1. Nice. One minor quibble though (and as a Pennsylvanian, I need to point this out). It’s “Groundhog Day”, and not “Groundhog’s Day” or “Ground Hog’s Day.”

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