Welcome to March in Michigan. I actually like it quite a bit. Fresh snow always looks so nice, and it’s SO much fun to drive in.

I used my electric shovel again. It’s sort of like a snow blower, but instead of an auger in the front blowing snow out the side, it just has paddles that spin and shoot the snow forward.

In theory, that’s quite cool. But it only works if the snow is not more than 3 inches deep. If it’s deeper, you have to pick it up and hold it like a real shovel , and it’s heavy.

The lady across the street pulled out her snow blower and did her driveway and sidewalk in about 10 minutes. I need one of those.

4 thoughts on “electric shovels

  1. See, you can say you like snow all you want, but when I’m sitting right here in sunny Southern California and it’s supposed to be 70 today, I really can’t agree with that. If I want snow, I’ll go to the snow. It’s not that far away.

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