Last thursday the girls went to my in-laws for several days. They had gotten some chickens with the intent of letting them run free in the garden to eat bugs. So far though, they’re still in a coop with a fence and gate etc.

The girls think it’s WAY cool that there are chickens at the farm. The other day after Grandpa got home from work he asked if they’d checked on the eggs. They hadn’t, so the girls went together to check. A few moments later Molly came running back alone yelling

“Emergency! Emergency! The gate has blown down!”

They all went out, and sure enough it had blown down. Little Sophi was standing in the gate with a pitchfork to make sure the chickens stayed in their coop. In seconds they had assessed the situation, come up with a plan that involved teamwork, and executed it perfectly.

Those are my girls. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Emergency!

  1. chickens are evil… they conspire behind your back… they peck at your toes (why anyone would wear sandals in a barn is anyone’s guess)…they cluck!!

    LOL – we have almost 30 on our farm… they drive you crazy – but the eggs are hot sellers at the post office… 🙂

    Those DeRosia girls can herd my flock anytime 🙂

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