Solar Panels

The most powerful energy source in our solar system is 93 million miles away from us. How can we get that energy from there to us? I know! The sun HURLS energy at us so violently that we have to have a protective shield around our planet to keep from getting fried. The next question is how to harness it. We’ve been using solar panels for quote some time now, but their efficiency is pathetic, even after all these years.

In the mid-1990’s I read The Best Of Isaac Asimov. It’s a collection of short stories, one of which is a great favorite of mine; The Last Question. The beginning of the story mentions a technology that has been reached that enables man to leap forward technologically; harnessing solar power in space, and beaming it to earth.

Today I read that PG&E has reached a deal with a company called Solaren to do just that. Starting in 2016, Solaren plans to beam solar energy via radio waves from space to Fresno CA. Why Fresno? I have NO idea.

If this really works, it could be a HUGE step forward in providing cheap, clean energy to the entire earth. I don’t know the logistics of beaming energy via radio waves, but it seems like we should be able to beam it to our moon base, and possibly our Mars base as well. All we’d have to do is get a geostationary satellite over Mars as well.

Exciting times.

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