eRSS has got to be the prettiest RSS reader out there. If you check out my Current Desktop shot today, you can see it in context. It has a config file for stuff like what browser to open, so I was able to tell it galeon in a new tab, and each feed has its own config file so you can determine refresh time, etc.

One major drawback at this point is that I had to install about 10 Enlightenment libs from CVS, and eRSS itself came from cvs. That said, once I got everything out of cvs, it was simply a matter of compiling things in the right order.

One other major drawback is that it doesn’t appear to like all RSS. My feed works fine, as you can see in the screenshot, but stuff from WordPress or MovableType doesn’t appear to work. MT feeds merely fail, WP feeds require a kill -9 on eRSS.

The last major drawback is that development is in stasis at the moment, and the only developer said he doesn’t have time to look at it, and can’t even afford to entertain bug reports at the moment.

So sad. But I hope someday to use it a lot.

One thought on “eRSS, the prettiest RSS reader

  1. yes I’m tired waiting for the whole enlightenment to be ready, it’s so fine but so looooong, we should all join to make a big company and employ the enlightenment developper team 🙂

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