A friend recently sent me this:

Some questions from a frustrated spam victim.....
1. Do you use Mozilla Thunderbird for email?
2. Is it is better than Outlook or Outlook Express in catching spam and viruses?
3.If yes, can my messages and addresses be easily transferred from Outlook Express into Thunderbird?

Can you say "enlightenment"?

5 thoughts on “Excellent email

  1. Dude, if the sender of that email uses the Enlightenment window manager, it would follow that he also knows the answers to the questions. I think you been played.


  2. Actually using the Enlightenment window manager is more than I could hope for. He’s using the XP window manager right now. 🙂

  3. Not that I’ve got anything against switching to Thunderbird (it’s my main mail client), but there’s an open source plugin for Outlook ( that does a pretty good job of removing spam.

    I use it at work where I have no choice but use Outlook (if only to do decent tech support).

  4. I use the eveel Outlook. I hear so many complaints about their Junk Mail filter. But it works great for me.

    In an average week, it maybe lets through less than a half dozen spam to my inbox. And I find less than a half dozen non-spam email it shouldn’t of filtered.

    So I’m happy.

    [fyi…that’s at the highest filter setting]

  5. I use Outlook at work and until installing SpamBayes, I found it unbearable. This despite running their Junk Mail filter.

    My situation may be different from average in that my email address is plastered on almost every page of my organization’s website.

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