When you go to a web site, and then press the Back button, your browser doesn’t actually go out to the internet to re-get that page, it loads it from the hard drive cache, where it made a temporary copy.  But it still has to render the HTML of that page, and if it’s a complex page, it can take a couple seconds.

The Firefox guys are working on a new feature that stores it in a different way, so that when you press the back button the page appears virtually instantly.

It doesn’t sound like much, but to the end user it can FEEL like a dramatic increase in the overall speed of the application, and that’s important to making people feel like it’s a better browser.

3 thoughts on “Exciting stuff in the greater browserland area

  1. I installed the nightly build on my windows laptop, but it was hosed. My bookmarks didn’t show up, I couldn’t navigate to bookmarked pages, the themes were all broken. Guess when I have more time I’ll have to try installing it after cleaning everything else up. But then I lose all my themes and plugins. Or I could wait for 1.1 🙂


  2. That is for the “instant gratification” gene in all of us. I remember how impressed I was at the speed our our first computer. Now I am banging my head if stuff doesn’t pop right up at work. Of course at home we still have dial up. I am waiting for the satelite age to come where they will “Beam Me up Scotty”!

  3. > I am waiting for the satelite age to come where they will
    > “Beam Me up Scotty”!

    Followed very quickly by:

    “Very funny, Scotty – now beam down my clothes!!”

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