It seems that many people are anxious, ready, and looking forward to fall this year.  I’ve been ready since about June.  Last year I really enjoyed summer, the holidays, etc.  This year it just didn’t hold the same excitement for me.  My wife has been talking about cooler weather, yummy stews, and colored leaves.  Ruth, Faith, and Jenelle have all blogged about it.

I really am looking forwadr to fall, but then I stop and think "This is mid-August.  It’s the high-noon of the heat season!"  (I recently learned it’s not, but that’s beside the point).  I should be enjoying the seasons as God gives them, not forever wishing it were cooler, or warmer, or in some way different.

So, while I’m really looking forward to crisp days, hot cider, beef stew, howling winds, hay rides, and all the good things that come with fall and winter, I’m going to make the effort to enjoy the heat of August. 

Swimming anyone?

One thought on “Fall?

  1. Did I blog about how I wanted it to be fall? I didn’t think I said those words, but maybe it came across that way. I think fall is my favorite season, but it’s also a very sad season, because that means winter is coming, and I’m not quite ready for winter yet. I’m finally thawed out from last winter! I bemoan the fact that I don’t feel like I’ve really enjoyed summer yet, and now it’s changing to fall. sigh…:-)

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