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Last night was the first night of WCSG’s annual Father/Daughter banquet, and I took the girls. Molly got a new dress, and Sophi already had one. They prayed for days ahead of time that it would come quickly, and be the best day EVER.

On the way there we played the Grover game with a little Gonzo thrown in, and then when my voice couldn’t do it anymore we listened to the new Norah Jones cd my family got me for Valetine’s day.

They each took a couple Pet Shop toys, and played nicely while waiting for the food to come. They didn’t like the salads, and Molly was pretty excited when she saw the “real food” coming. They didn’t much like that either, it was high-end food. 🙂

mark Schultz was the singer, and he was pretty good. His style isn’t to my taste so much, but he had good stories for his songs, and that always interests me. The girls LOVED it. Sophi danced and danced, and Molly stood on her chair and clapped. At one point I caught Sophi sitting in her chair with both arms straight up all the way. I asked her what she was doing and she showed me that she had her Buddies in her hands, and she wanted them to be able to see.

A great time was had by all. When we got in the car to leave, I asked if they’d like to listen to Norah again, and Sophi said “No thank you Daddy, I think I’ve had enough music for tonight”. I told them they should sit quietly and try to sleep, and Sophi fussed a little because she “wasn’t tired”. When we got home she was so hard asleep that I had to carry her in the house.

Pictures here.

2 thoughts on “Father/Daughter Banquet, 2007

  1. How stinkin’ fun…I am not a big Mark Schultz guy, but his new song “Holding Her Hand” makes me cry like girl every time. Not reall looking forward to my daughter being old enough to dress up and go to banquets. You da man…

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