So, last thursday and friday evening were the WCSG Father Daughter Banquet. The first day I wasn’t on th schedule to help, so I drove and lifted heavy things. I didn’t even have to wear a tie.

The artist was Ronnie Freeman and his friends Javier and Adam. I picked them up from the airport and drove them around and had lunch and generally had a really good time.

My blog software is coming along well, though my archive drop list appears to be wonky. I need to add an rss feed, which should be simple. I want to add a non-sequiter box too.

Today’s non-seq: there’s no escaping cranky grapes.

One thought on “fathers and daughters everywhere!

  1. Lifting heavy boxes and drivin people places are an important part of ministry at WCSG… Topher is just getting a taste of it 🙂 We try to get him away from the computer every once in a while…

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