I got Firefox 3 running on my desktop here at work today. About half of my extensions didn’t work, including some show-stoppers. The good news is that I was able to go directly to the web sites for them and get new versions that the addon manager didn’t find. Here they are:

  • html validator
  • firebug
  • measureit
  • tab mix plus

The real downer was, a social bookmarks manager that I use. They actually made a new version for Firefox 3, but it makes you go through a configuration system that is broken, and can’t complete. The only option given at that point is to restart Firefox to uninstall the extension. Additionally it resets my toolbar options to the default, giving me a google box and taking away my New Tab button. What a huge pain. </whine>

3 thoughts on “Firefox 3 extensions

  1. Password hasher ( doesn’t work in FF3 and there don’t seem to be any updates. However, the FF3 widgets seem to have the appearance of native OS X controls (rounded buttons, etc)

    However, something that has bugged me since sometime in 1.x, tabbing through form controls in the OSX version, FF skips dropdown boxes. This super annoying behavior continues in FF3.

  2. Dude – you mostly don’t need Tab Mix Plus in FF3…it recovers sessions, undoes closed tabs, etc.

    And you don’t use the built-in Google search?

    My whines for FF in general have been constant crashing in relation to the “Awesome Bar” and other mundane browsing tasks. Not sure when this started, but the session restore saves me way more than it should have to.

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