I have no idea how long this post will get, nor how many topics it will cover, since there are many that it could.  I’ll start with my reason for posting though; someone asked me "what is Firefox?".

Firefox is a web browser.  It’s not all that rare these days to have a perfectly competent user of the Internet ask "What is a web browser?".  This boggled my mind for a long time, since they use one every day.  But it occured to me that if Ford were the ONLY maker of cars, no-one would call them cars, they’d call them Fords.

So, when you want to look at a web page, you use a web browser.  Most of the world uses Microsoft Internet Explorer, primarily because they don’t know that there are better offerings.  Many people will remember Netscape, which was the leader for a long time, and is now gone.

Firefox is what has come out of the history of Netscape.  It’s free, it’s powerful, it’s extensible, it’s fast, and it’s secure.  Internet Explorer is none of those things, really.  Some will argue that it is, but it’s not.  🙂

8 thoughts on “Firefox

  1. I hope the above comment was sarcastic.

    I was wondering, what would you suggest as a good text only browser that runs on Windows?

  2. Well, I have to say that on the whole, I too am happy with Firefox. There is something that drives me around the bend about it though. I have recently started tinkering with Javascript in the web pages I am creating.
    Firefox sometimes just does not want to deal with javascript sometimes. Pooey!!!

  3. When it comes to DOM support (for use with javascript) it’s tough to beat Firefox. Between it’s standards support, the ‘javascript:’ log, and the DOM inspector I find it a joy to code javascript for.

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