Kemper Crabb is a great musician, doing stuff rangeing from the mellow evangelical/political Caedmon’s Call to the heavy metal Atomic Opera.  He also does some solo stuff, and I’ve really enjoyed his "A Medieval Christmas".  I like medieval music and I like Christmas music.  Together they’re good stuff.

All of his solo works are listed here, you can listen to all of them in high quality for free.  Yea Magnatune!

3 thoughts on “Good Christmas Music

  1. I like Magnatune site (all music should be sold this way.) and I like the sounds of Atomic Opera.

    I would sell my music this way…well, I could offer it anyway… If I ever recorded….

  2. MAGNATUNE ROCKS!!! I remember The Vigil when it was first on vinyl – what a treat to find it on Magnatune! Also bought the CD of A Medieval Christmas – thanks for pointing it out!

    And, when I finish my first CD (hopefully sometime…), I’m going to look into Magnatune for distribution. Of course, weither they’ll accept my music is another matter entirely… 😀

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