A while back, Ed bought a wifi detector. Then Alan bought one. Then Alan lost his and bought Ed’s. It looks pretty cool, but I wanted more info.

Then I remembered that my Zaurus is a slick little gadget, I should see what it can do. As it turns out, it can run Kismet. Of course it doesn’t run the regular version out of the box, it runs this one.

I first got it several months ago, but when I ran it, the GUI wouldn’t work because it needed root. The command line wouldn’t run as root because it wanted the GUI. I kind of gave up on it. Then yesterday I was cleaning the glass, and apparently held down on an icon for several seconds. It popped up a screen with a check box that said “Run as root (insecure)”.

As soon as I got home I checked it out, and sure enough, that did the trick. Now to use it….

One thought on “Good Kismet

  1. While in Alaska last summer we picket up a couple of wifi broadcasts and were able to e-mail and post to the blog. It was great! Who would have thunk!

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