I found a good online bookstore, one that Does The Right Thing. Now I’m looking for a good online cd store for when I review music. It won’t always be possible to use them, especially since I listen to some whacky music, but it would be nice to find some sort of constant.

For those who’ve been abused by bad service too long to remember good service, Doing The Right Thing means playing nice with your data, not selling it, not bannering you to death, not using pop-ups, and not excluding alternative browsers or operating systems. CDNow was cool when it started, anyone know if it still is?

3 thoughts on “Good online cd stores?

  1. CDNow is owned by Amazon, afaik.

    However, you want to go look at Joel pointed it out to me, and it’s pretty cool. Good selection, and most major bands (and minor ones too) have lots of online clips. In most cases, the entire CD has clips.

  2. Have you tried CDbaby.

    also i was wondering if you would give me some tips on creating an rss feed using php with my blog system

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