The other night there was a fan plugged in my kids room. Sophi didn’t want it plugged in any more, so what did she ask me to do? Plug it out. How else would you handle it when something is plugged in and you don’t want it that way any more?

Recently we were listening to a Nancy Drew audio book on a road trip. For the most part it’s simply a reading, no dramatization. But once in a while they play some tension music when something big is about to happen. When we got home this last time, Ema was quiet as she went into the house. I asked her what she was thinking and she said:

“It’s just so thrilling! Every time that music comes on, I get so scared my ribs tickle!”

One thought on “Great quotes

  1. heh, my daughter suggested that someone should “get a shovel to clear away the clouds so she could see Jesus” the other night. 🙂

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