Last Friday we went to Robinette’s Apple Haus And Gift Barn.  They have a big orchard, and a small cafe where they serve pumpkin spice doughnuts and hot spiced cider etc.  Their barn has a huge Christmas area, and they always sell 500 lb pumpkins.  I really enjoy going there in the fall.

As we were getting out of the car, Molly said "Mom, isn’t this where you were going to take dad tomorrow for Swedish Day?"  The light came on in my head, and my wife looked sheepish.

You see, Saturday was Sweetest Day.  I’d remembered, and had good plans, but apparently my wife had let the girls in on her plans, and they had mis-heard a little.

So we now have a new holiday in our family.  Every Oct. 21 is Swedish Day.

The girls were quite excited to learn it was actually "Sweetest Day" BTW, it’s yet another happy time for the Queens of Pink.

2 thoughts on “Happy Swedish Day!

  1. FYI – Sweetest Day is the third Saturday in October, not necessarily the 21st. Since my b’day is on the 21st I know this because Andy is forced to celebrate a “dumb Hallmark holiday” like Sweetest Day on the years that it happens to fall on my b’day. 🙂

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