Well, I got yesterday, bravely held off reading it until I was done with OotP, and the started last night.  I tried not to read too fast, I really did.  It’s shorter than OotP, so I wanted to savor it.  Here it is, almost midnight, and the most I have to say is,


It took me totally by surprise.  It’s really really good.  It’s also far too early for me to start telling you details.  If you’ve never read one, start at the beginning and read them through.  If you’re wondering if this one will be any good, you can stop.

It is.

6 thoughts on “Harry Potter and The Halfblood Prince

  1. Do not despair. Look at the bottom of page 591 where D tells D : He can’t kill you if you’re alredy dead…

  2. At the end it appears that Snape kills Dumbledore. Then Harry, Ron, and Hermione determine not to return to school the next year, but rather to find some artifacts in which Voldemort has hidden parts of his soul.

  3. I have to agree… it was torture to not be able to pry open the book and devour it in a matter of hours. It was such a busy weekend that I didn’t open it until Sunday night, which meant all weekend, I could hear it calling my name from it’s new home on my bookshelf along with the rest of the series and a dozen other authors. I started Sunday night and finished it on my lunch break Tuesday. I figured it was going to be D. that died, but it was a shock anyway!

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