So the new Harry Potter book comes out on July 16, the day before my birthday.  With every other HP book release, I’ve re-read all previous books just before a new one is released.

This time I was embroiled in the Series Of Unfortunate Events books, and decided to not do it this time.  That was an Unfortunate Event.  🙁  They turned out to be not nearly as much fun as I’d hoped, and I didn’t get to reread the HP series.

To make up for it, I’m trying to read through the OotP book by Saturday.  I started the other day, and it’s 870 pages, so we’ll see.  I’m at about 175 now.

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter stuff

  1. I’d say a re-reading of OotP is definitely well worth the effort. I started it on Saturday and I’m aroun page 530 right now. It’s reading just as nicely this time as it did the first. Some things, like Harry’s adolescent angst and frustration with Dumbledore get repeated a little too often, but there’s no such thing as enough Snape, and Umbridge is a decidedly nice villain for this one.

  2. Vicki’s only concern is that when I get my hands on the new book, I’ll do what I did with OotP – start reading around 12:30pm and not come up for air until Midnight… when I finished the book. 😀

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