Well, on my first day of jury duty I got entered into one judge’s jury pool, and didn’t get selected for that. I was home by 12:30pm on the first day.

We were directed to call after 5pm the first day to find out if we had to report the second day. Since only half of the original pool of 450 people reported the first day, I suspected I wouldn’t be called the second day, and I was right.

When I called last night about today, I was told my term was over and I’m done with jury duty for this go-round. Happy day.

Cate’s flu wasn’t as bad as mine, and I was able to be home Monday and Tuesday afternoons. We even went to Meijer Gardens yesterday afternoon and had a great time.

2 thoughts on “<$horrible

  1. After several years of considering a visit to Meijer Gardens, we finally made it last summer. It was a fantastic experience and looking forward to returning. – St. Joseph MI

  2. Haha!!
    This seems to be the time for Jury duty… I was called in for it last week. Fortunately in FL, if you aren’t selected the first day you aren’t called back…

    Hurray for a year of freedom from the possibility of selection!

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