I got one of these this week, and I don’t really have time to talk about it much. Mostly what I have to say is that the Suse SLED 10 default install is absolutely wretched, and should be removed as soon as possible. Someone made an Ubuntu JUST for this machine, covering its wonky hardware issues. Get Minbuntu here.

The hardware seems pretty slick. It has a bad reputation, but I have no complaints at this point.

4 thoughts on “HP 2133 Micro Review

  1. I just know that I have had pretty bad experiences with HP myself. It’s about the only hardware that has blatantly ignored instructions I give it. Anything else, I click, it does. HP might…if it feels like it.

  2. Ubuntu 8.10 installs almost flawlessly on the HP 2133. The only minor issue is that it sets the screen resolution to 1280×720 out of the box, but that’s easy to fix with a custom xorg.conf file.

  3. Toph, I will be interested in hearing more about this little wonder you have. What was the reason for it? upgrade? size?

  4. My wife really liked the mininote when I reviewed it. I had the same thoughts about SLED. Ugh. It’s one solid feeling little lappy, thats for sure. And the keyboard… ohh, the lovely keyboard. 😀

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