Last Friday I took the girls up north to my in-laws.  My wife had to work Friday and Saturday , so she stayed home.  Friday night we played cards and stuff, but Saturday morning my mother-in-law took the girls back to Grand Rapids for a weekend of mother-daughter bonding and what-not.  That left my father-in-law and I to our own devices, and we had some good ones.

We were going to get up really early Saturday morning and go turkey hunting, but it was really foggy.  Since turkeys don’t really make any noise this late in the season, we would never have seen any.

So instead we slept in, and right after lunch went to Healy lake to go fishing.  We’ve gone before, and together he and I had only ever caught one fish.  This trip looked to be the same, but after about 25 minutes we moved around the lake some and started bringing them in.  We got about 30 fish in 6 hours, a mix of bluegill and sunfish.  It was overcast all day, but I still got a bit of a glow on the top of my head.  We had a really great time.

Sunday morning was clearer, so we went out turkey hunting.  It’s kind of late in the season, and turkeys are mighty smart birds, so you have to be pretty sneaky to nab one.  We had a small camo tent to hide in, since they can see like a hawk.  It was kind of a dark day though, and there were fishermen and mushroom hunters out and about, and the turkeys just never came our way.  So we sat quietly in the woods and listened to all the birds (I heard crows, owls, mourning doves, veery thrush, chickadee, canada geese, and pheobe), and the occastional patter of rain on the tent.

Then we packed up and headed for home.  We played a couple hands of cribbage while we ate stuff and then I headed for my home, to let my wife know I’d missed her.

We went to the Verbrugge’s for lunch that day too, and had a great time.  🙂

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