On wed the 9th, I had a bad day, so my wife administered a little cinematic therapy and took me to see Pirates Of The Caribbean. That is a GREAT movie. I should say that I like pirate movies in general. I thought Cutthroat Island was a lot of fun.

I knew Johnny Depp was in it, but believe it or not, I’d never seen him in a movie before. I should really watch Edward Scissorhands. Johnny did a GREAT job in PotC.

Will Turner is a main character, and I was bothered through the whole movie by the fact that I couldn’t figure out who the actor was. As it turns out, it was Orlando Bloom, of Legolas fame.

The Lady also looked vaguely familiar. I have in fact seen her in a movie, though I would not have known it. It was Keira Knightley who played Sabè, Queen Amidala’s decoy that ended up dying.

The CGI was quite good, I was impressed. The bad guys show as half rotted in the moonlight, and they do MANY of shots of people flickering in and out of the light, and parts of them showing cgi, and other parts not.

How much do I like this movie? I’m going to see it again for my birthday. Seeing a movie twice in the theater is usually reserved for really great movies. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a pinnacle of cinematic greatness, but it’s a really fun movie in a genre I thoroughly enjoy.

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