Mother and child holdin ghands

“Hey, let’s ask your Ma if we can play outside!” my friend said.

My mother surprised us by sticking her head into the room and saying “Chris does not have a…” pause for emphasis..”Ma.”

“He doesn’t?” my friend said, looking her in the eye, flabbergasted.

“He has a mother, a mom, a mum, or any other number of things, but never a…” pause for emphasis..”Ma.”

And that’s when I learned my mother did not want to be referred to as Ma.

CC0 licensed photo by Márcio Duarte from the WordPress Photo Directory.

One thought on “I never had a Ma.

  1. Oof. This reminds me of my Marathi aunt whose son was my playmate and ‘Rakhi-brother’. He went through a phase of using English words randomly instead of speaking his mother tongue. One time he kept calling out for her saying “Mom! Mom! Mom!” She ignored him then announced, “Majha naav aai aahe” (My name is Aai. Aai is the Marathi word for mother.) And that was that.

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