The other day Molly entered the room and said “Mom, we forgot to do vitamins today!” Cate said “OK, I’ll take care of it.”

“I can get the bottle” Molly said. A few minutes later Cate went to the table and there was the “child safe top” vitamin bottle, open on the table. “Molly, did you open this?” Cate asked.

“Yes” answered Molly. “How did you know how to open it?” she was asked.

“Mom. the instructions are written right on the top.”

So beware! Intelligent, literate children are no longer safe!

2 thoughts on “Illiterate Child Safe

  1. There is talent for you. Kids are far more talented at figuring things out than adults. You should have seen us trying to get the new transformer into all its different shapes. A kid would have had no problem with it.

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