Starting last fall I’ve been traveling quite a bit more than usual. I had every intention of blogging it all like crazy, but blogging is like any other habit. If you don’t do it it’s not a habit.

So I’m going to make this a roundup post and try to do better in the future.

Sydney, Australia

I started my current job last summer on my birthday. Four days later I was in Sydney. It was a bit of a surprise and very exciting. We have an office there, it was the week of WordCamp, and there were two other conferences happening that week. So I went for a week and had a GREAT time. I got to know some of my new co-workers and interact with some from a previous job.

I took lots of pictures, but here are just a couple.

Omaha, Nebraska

In August Cate and I went to WordCamp Omaha.  She’s always wanted to go, and I enjoyed Oamaha the other time I’d been there, so away we went. We rented a car and drove, which was a good time all by itself. Cate spoke at the camp but I did not.

Here are a couple pictures.

Pittsburgh, PA

In September Cate and I went to WordCamp Pittsburgh. We’d never been to the city and there were some friends there we wanted to see.  We rented a car again and still enjoyed it. Again, more pics:

Philadelphia, PA

In October I went to WordCamp Philadelphia for work.  It was kind of our kickoff event, but the plugin wasn’t QUITE ready, so we just talked a lot. I really enjoyed traveling with co-workers and showing them what WordCamps are like. I got a little HeroPress love while I was there, some fans were excited to meet.

Austin, TX

Since we have an office in Austin I’ve been there four or five times in the last 10 months or so. I won’t talk a lot about it since I’ve already blogged about it.

Dallas, TX

We have a bunch of friends in Dallas as well, and made a bunch of new ones. I cam along with Cate on this one, she spoke again, to great success as always. The most impressive thing about Dallas was the free range beer.

Beer case labeled "Free Range"

Nashville TN, WordCamp US

This one was for work again, but Cate came again of course. Several co-workers from BigCommerce came along as well as a couple representatives from Modern Tribe. We had a great time all around.  Matt stopped by the booth and we chatted, and he even talked about how cool we are on stage at the State Of The Word.

Philly Again

In February the Philadelphia meetup folk asked me to come back and present about BigCommerce. It was a lightning trip, 24 hours on the ground, but hugely successful in my opinion.

Phoenix, AZ

Also in February Cate and I went to WordCamp Phoenix. The weather was great, about 45 degrees and a bit rainy. BigCommerce sponsored and a couple co-workers came with us. I got to speak about HeroPress, Cate was on a panel, and our friend Tracey spoke about ecommerce.

Dayton, OH

In early March Cate and I went to WordCamp Dayton. We had a really good time, but I forgot to take pictures.  :(

Orlando and Miami, FL

In mid-March I went to Orlando to their WordPress meetup. It went well, and I was able to get some sweet Disney and Potter swag for my family. I was in Orlando for less than 24 hours, and then flew south to Miami for WordCamp. I got there a couple days early and got to sit by the pool in the sun for one whole day. Then it was back to work.  Since I was in town early I was able to help out the organizers with moving camp stuff from a living room into a big truck.

We were sponsors, so we had several people from BigCommerce.  I spoke about ecommerce once and HeroPress in a lighting talk.

Washington, D.C.

When I was done in Miami I flew directly to D.C. I got there one day early and had a chance to look around. I was there for their meetup, which went very well.

Austin and London

At the end of March I went to Austin for a few days in the office, and then flew from there directly to London England. I was there for WordCamp, but got there a week early. We have an office there, so I worked with co-workers for a couple days.  I hung out with a friend one evening and walked around town taking pictures. I spoke at WordCamp and met MANY new friends and talked with many old friends.


That’s it for now.  Detroit is next, with possibly Santa Clarita in there. Berlin is in June. I’ll try to do better at posting once per trip.

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