This last weekend we went to my folks for the holiday. We relaxed some, cruised town, looked at the craft fair, shot some fireworks, and had a good time. I took some good pictures.

It all started in the end of June though. My mother-in-law came to visit on a Thursday, and spent several days with us. That Saturday The Women went to a wedding, so the girls got to get all dressed up. The girl who was the little flower girl in our wedding got married.

So the girls went back up north with Grandma, and stayed with her for several days. Then they went to their cousin’s house for several days, and got to sleep in a camper, and go swimming every day, and play with some of their favorite people.

It was after that that we picked them up and took them to my folks for several more days of Grandparent goodness. They’ve been sleeping a lot since we got back.

One thought on “Independence Day

  1. The magic of summer is right! I remember visiting my Grandparents in the summer. They lived near the lake and that’s where I learned to swim. And we had a set of boy cousins who came to spend 2-3 weeks at a time on the farm. Many adventures. I am glad to see my grandchildren have that fun too.

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