5 thoughts on “It’s raining.

  1. Rain does not need to be shoveled from my sidewalk. Rain does not require below-freezing temperatures. Rain does not (necessarily) make driving more dangerous. Oh, and rain does not need to be shoveled from my sidewalk.

  2. They are all right! Rain definitely does not need to be shoveled. But the frozen rain is tricky to drive in. The commute up north this morning was ify! and the father-in-law doesn’t like it for ice fishing. He probably had to prop the shanty today!

  3. Rain also melts away the evil snow, washes salt off one’s itchy car, and in today’s case helps create lethal barrages of icicles.

  4. Being a north of the border boy, I have to say that I do enjoy a good snowfall. I do not however, enjoy the shovelling part. That part bites!
    Snow is good for insulation on your house during the winter, but then again, if it rains, it’s not that cold and I don’t really need extra insulation around my abode now do i?

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