Sophi gets to go first this time. The other day my wife came down dressed for church, and little Sophi said “Mom, that outfit looks fabulous on you!”.

The other day, when Molly had only been out of bed for about 45 seconds, we asked her if she’d like doughnuts for breakfast. In her sleepy little voice she said “No thank you.”.

I looked at my wife, and she looked at me, and we said “Why not Molly?”

“Because I’m on a healthy diet.” said she.

When asked what she’d rather have, she picked cereal. That’s when I remembered that just the day before we’d purchased a box of her favorite cereal (Honey Bunches Of Oats). We told her that we could perhaps have both cereal and doughnuts, and she said

“Oh… That’s different then isn’t it?”

And lastly, Molly and I were riding in the truck the other day, talking about her recent birthday, and our coming trip to Grandmas. I asked her if she remembered what Grandma had planned for Saturday, and she said no. I said that maybe they were going to turn her 8, and she’d skip 7 altogether.

“That’s pretty unlikely, Dad.”

Good stuff, wot?

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