This is a cool thing.  It’s connected to a computer via USB, so they can even control it.

I really think LED’s will someday change the way we light our world.  They’re super low energy, more flexible in application than flourescent lights, and FAR more robust.

2 thoughts on “LED Disco Floor

  1. In what way(s) are LED’s more robust?

    One limitation (that may have been taken care of in recent years) is LED’s are simply not as bright as incandescent lights. In a lot of applications this is a deal-breaker.

  2. They’re not hollow for one thing. That’s a really big plus right there. And they’re encased in plastic, which is a lot harder to break.

    An individual LED is much dimmer of course. But you could get about 650 LEDs in the space of a normal incandescent bulb. They’re most popular in flashlights, because you can get about 75 LEDs in the head of a flashlight, and they’er MUCH brighter than a normal bulb, and last for MUCH longer, since they take so much less energy.

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